Netgear N150 ? Think twice !

It is taken from the netgear website:

"The NETGEAR N150 Wireless USB Adapter is a simple and secure way to connect your notebook or desktop computer to Wireless-G or Wireless-N network for surfing the Internet, email, online chat and Facebook. Easy setup with the Smart Wizard® CD gets you up and running fast, while Push ‘N’ Connect gives you a secured connection at the push of a button. Compatibility with Wireless-G networks allows hassle-free connection flexiblity."

Sadly, the truth is exactly opposite. This software simply does not work. The smart wizard is useless, I would prefer using standard windows style.
Smart wizard just destroy the way windows works with every adapter. It adds some fake connection which connects to so called smart wizard(what a name) and smart wizard has to connect to the internet.

Sadly, smart wizard is not smart at all. It is a junk and useless piece of software.
But the problem is in windows7 driver. I installed and reinstalled it at least 5 times. I even installed windows 7 64 bit version. It did not work either.
Internet connection lasts only 1-3 minutes, no longer. Then - total switch off. No more internet, unless you insert USB stick again.

You can disable usb power management from the power options - does not help.

To be honest, I am not the average user. I made a lot of computer programs. Trust me, I bought a lot of devices and they all worked perfectly, it has never happened that there's a problem with one of the most popular OS which is windows 7.

Dear Netgear. I do not need your junk of software, why don't you concentrate on making things WORK ? Because they don't. I have tried and tested. And it has failed my test. Problems with windows 7 is unacceptable for a reputable company.

I of course tried all the latest drivers, and there's no positive result.
Netgear is seemingly unable to make things work and it installs some junk "Smart Wizard" piece of software.

This apparatus can go back to the shop or in the bin.


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